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Property Assets Planning

Property assets planning is an important aspect of financial planning that involves the preparation and management of an individual's assets. I begin by helping clients to understand their needs for financial planning, identify their goals and objectives. This includes understanding their financial situation, family structure, and personal values. Based on this information, I will develop and share a comprehensive plan to begin the journey toward achieving the financial goal.

My Story

I went through the typical stages of development, studying for the first 20 years of my life. I was raised with the understanding that in order to find a good job, I will need to graduate with a decent degree. During my education life, I didn't have a goal or know what I need to accomplish, so I didn't know what I needed to do after graduation.

Key Collection for my investment property

I started doing property investment in my early 30s which falls in the 2nd quadrant of the life cycle. I was able to make an investment in a highly desired development and get passive income by renting it out. I comprehend and learn how to invest more efficiently in terms of the time horizon and capital outlay. I sincerely hope to share with my clients the importance of early Property Assets Planning, so that they can have a fulfilling life. 

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